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In my school hymn book I always see numbers and a name at the start of a hymn, eg Slane 10 11 10 10 Or 'irregular' What do these mean? Are they indications for the organist?

I have a choral piece where some of it is 4-part divisi SATB, and some of it is unison (true unison, not octaves). I would love to notate this in LilyPond with the two (women's & men's) staves ...

The piece is Es ist ein Ros Entsprungen, and it was composed in the 1600s by Michael Praetorius. This score is edited.

I have been wondering how to determine the optimal balance of voices in SATB music. I have found quite a bit of material on how to arrange the parts but less on the numbers. The arrangement issues ...

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